Thanks for stopping by the Calvary Crew Blogspot! For you first time visiters, Calvary Crew is the Jr. and Senior high youth group at Green Lake Calvary Church. Crew is a noisey bunch of students who love Jesus and one another. Come check us out Sunday evenings (during the school year) in the youth center at GLCC where you will find all kinds of fun, friends and most importantly experience the love of Jesus.
OutFlow is a summer ministry for teens, where faith and belief is put into practice when we bring our love from Jesus into the community.
So go ahead and scroll through the blog. You will see what we've been up to and where we are going as a youth group. You will also find FNT (9th -12th Friday Night Thing ) info, web links, forms and other helpful information so check back often.

November 12- WOL Super Bowl

An all-nighter. First to the K-Wings hockey game, then pizza and bowling, and off once again to the Weatern Michigan University rec center.
  Nov. 12 Leave GLCC@ 5:45 pm Return 7:00 am Saturday morning.


Calvary Crew Kick-Off 2010-11

 God is stirring the hearts of some of our teens and has moved them to step into the pools of Baptism to proclaim their faith in Jesus through their obedience and testamony.Everyone is invited to this very special evening Sunday September 19, 5:00pm.

Immedietly after the Baptimal service the youth group will head out on a top secret scavanger hunt before returning to the Youth Center for food and games.


When?: Sunday, September 19, 5-8:30pm
Where?: Start at GLCC follow clues complete your task and end up back at GLCC
Who?: You of course
How much $?: Zippo, nothing, nadda

                                                                                                   See Ya There-